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December 29, 2004. I'm at home in California and busy building JD Global Services. It's a fun time to be in the global (information) services business. Am in constant contact with a number of other companies, their Strategic Partners, 3rd Party Vendors, and customers providing them with technical information solutions through documentation, on-line HELP, web, CD, e-Learning, and multimedia. All of this with an end-to-end approach having a multilingual component. Feel free to contact me downton@jdglobalservices.com

Need business/travel tours of any of the major cities around the planet? I love to travel and mix in a little business. Asmara, Bejing, Chicago, Dublin ... Xi'an, Yokohama, Zurich - cities from A to Z in the dozens of countries around the world I've been to over the years.

Let's talk about: travel, language, language translation, translation, books, metaphysics, mind, mind control, self help, positive thinking, personal growth... or talk business

Interested in Russia? Interesting developments in the area of Russian talent is being made available via the internet. Check back for more details or ask about ARTIP, A network of intellectual and creative professionals.painting.gif
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I travel a lot and love to meet new friends

Europe - North and South America - Africa - Asia

Back home in California.

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Me at Powerscourt - Dublin

JD Global Services

Retirement life is FANTABULOUS, Fantabuleux, fantabelhafteste, fantabuloso! Still love working but now have time to do the interesting side trips.

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The Beijing hotel I like: Debao Hotel - Beijing The Singapore hotel I like:Pan Pacific Hotel


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